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Benefits of Salt Lamps

1. They balance electromagnetic radiation

What’s electromagnetic radiation, you ask? Electromagnetic radiation (or EM) is the energy that is produced by televisions, cellphones and computers. The waves from this energy release positive ions into the air, and an overabundance of these is believed to cause fatigue, increase stress and weaken your immune system. So positive ions are maybe not so positive! To counter this, Himalayan salt lamps release negative ions into the air to cancel out the positive ions and neutralise electromagnetic radiation.

Still with us? 

2. They cleanse and purify the air

Another great benefit of these salt lamps is that they are able to clean the air around them through a process called hygroscopy. This is basically the process of attracting and holding water molecules - the salt lamp absorbs contaminated water from its immediate environment and locks them in to the salt crystal itself. So by having a salt lamp in your home, you can eliminate cigarette smoke, dust and other nasties in the air.

Who knew salt lamps were so scientific?!

3. They give you an energy boost

Ever feel drained after you’ve watched a lot of TV or been on your phone for a long period of time? Again, positive ions being not so positive - these can actually deplete your body of energy. It’s believed that because Himalayan Salt Lamps emit negative ions to counteract the positive ones, they’ll actually leave you with a refreshing feeling like you’ve just been for a relaxing walk in the great outdoors.

4. They can help to stop you getting sick

This isn’t to say that you won’t get sick if you have a salt lamp, it’s just that because these lamps filter the air and remove any contaminants, you’re less likely to be breathing in an nasty germs. Salt lamps are also believed to aid your body in filtering air more effectively too, helping you to block any foreign particles from making their way into your lungs - this can be particularly helpful for those suffering from asthma. Now if only we could carry one everywhere we went!

5. They create a more mindful space

Mindfulness isn’t a new thing, as much as it’s now become very popular in spaces from workplaces to schools. You don’t need to be actively practicing mindfulness for you to get a similar effect from having a salt lamp in your home - just having it in your space will create a calm, peaceful vibe. As trendy as they are, there’s definitely something to be said for the way a salt lamp can benefit your life.


Height: 29x18cm   Weight: 7-9kg

Height: 19x14cm   Weight: 3-4kg

Height: 17x14cm   Weight: 2kgs

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